Kremlin’s Information War: Why Georgia Should Develop State Policy on Countering Propaganda

News | FIGHTING CORRUPTION | Publications | Policy Document 1 September 2016

Policy Paper was prepared by: Levan Avalishvili, Giorgi Lomtadze and Alexander Kevkhishvili.


Peer-Reviewer: Nodar Tangiashvili.


The Russian Federation has been ramping up its use of propaganda as an effective weapon for achieving its political goals in foreign countries. Georgia is no exception. Even though Kremlin has a long history of employing propaganda to secure its interests, its sophistication and scale have substantially increased in recent years. As western countries are already working on countermeasures, the Georgian government must also recognize this growing problem and develop its own policy.


This Policy Paper "Kremlin’s Information War: Why Georgia Should Develop State Policy on Countering Propaganda" reviews the characteristics of Kremlin propaganda in Georgia, its results, main messages and their impact on Georgian society, distributors of Kremlin propaganda, and the Georgian government's current approach to this problem. The document aims to highlight the risks and challenges that accompany Kremlin information war and the necessity to develop and implement a state policy to counter it. The policy paper contains recommendations on specific measures the Georgian government can take to counter the Kremlin's information war.



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