Open Government

23 May 2022 image

Access to Public Information in Georgia 2021

Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) has been monitoring access to public information in Georgia since 2010. IDFI's systematic monitoring has made a significant contribution in identifying key trends and problems in access to public information, implementation of effective public control mechanisms, and development of public sector accountability and open governance.

23 May 2022 image

Meeting of the Open Governance Council of the Supreme Council of Ajara and its Consultative Group

On May 16, members of the Open Governance Council of the Supreme Council of Ajara and its Consultative group held a workshop. Members of the Supreme Council and representatives of civil society organizations attended workshop.

16 May 2022 image

IDFI’s International Conference on Digital Transformation: Major Takeaways and Results

On April 28, 2022, IDFI held an international hybrid conference – Digital Transformation of Georgia: Steps Towards European Integration. 

13 May 2022 image

Training on Public Service Delivery Standards

Another training envisaged by the Concept of the Ajara Supreme Council (SCA) Citizen Engagement Center was conducted for the staff of SCA.

13 May 2022 image

Global Data Barometer Results - Overview of Georgia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia

The Global Data Barometer (GDB) is an international study that examines the importance and benefits of data for the public good, and is based on the Open Data Barometer methodology.

12 May 2022 image

Global Data Barometer: Results of Eastern Europe and Central Asia

In May, 2022, the results of the first edition of Global Data Barometer (GDB), examining the importance and benefits of data for the public good, and being based on the Open Data Barometer methodology, were released. The GDB evaluates and scores 108 countries according to a unified methodology, based on various modules and indicators.


11 May 2022 image

Global Data Barometer Launch The State of Data Around the World

The Data for Development Network ( and ILDA have launched the results of the First Edition of the Global Data Barometer (GDB) at a virtual event on May 11th, 2022. 

5 May 2022 image

The Open Governance Inter-Agency Coordination Council

Open Government Partnership (OGP) was established in 2011 and aims to support the openness and accountability of the Governments’ of its member countries. The OGP unites 80 countries and covers the governmental, parliamentary and local directions.


5 May 2022 image

Permanent Parliamentary Council on Open Governance

Parliament of Georgia is involved in implementation of OGP principles since 2015. An Inter-Factional Group and the Open Parliament Georgia Working Group were created within the framework of the project “Supporting Parliament of Georgia Involvement in Open Government Partnership Initiative”. 

2 May 2022 image

The Training was organized on the Self-assessment Report of the Open Parliament Action Plan

On April 28, IDFI organized the training on the development of the self-assessment report of the Open Parliament Georgia Action Plan. Secretariat of the Parliamentary Council on Open Governance and representatives of other secretariats of the Parliamentary Councils were present on the training.