Open Government

10 March 2020 image

Key Findings of the Study - Career in Civil Service and Gender Equality

IDFI’s research proves that female and male managers at civil service have contrasting career paths. The differences are reflected in various cultural practices, which determine gender inequality at civil service.

26 February 2020 image

Presentation of Open Data Toolkit and Awarding Ceremony of Analytical Article Contest

On February 26, Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) presented the Open Data Toolkit and awarded the winners of the contest of analytical articles.

21 February 2020 image

Amendments to the Rules of Operation of the SDGs Council in Georgia

The decree of the Prime Minister of Georgia dated January 23rd, 2020 approved the new Rules of Operation of the Interagency Council (the Council) on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Georgia.  The decree introduces a number of new regulations linked with the operation and the composition of the Council and reflects some of the recommendations that have been regularly highlighted by the Institute for Development Freedom of Information (IDFI) before.

19 February 2020 image

Plenary Hearing of the Open Governance Permanent Parliamentary Council Thematic Inquiry Report

On May 29th, 2019 Open Governance Permanent Parliamentary Council (the Council) created a thematic inquiry working group (the Working Group) for studying existing practice and legislation of citizen participation in the process of public policy development in Georgia.

17 February 2020 image

Open Data Toolkit

Availability of open data in easily processable formats has given journalists a unique opportunity to conduct comprehensive studies of various issues. Combination of various data sets and programmatic analysis has revealed hidden business connections and interests, information about property and income, illegal dealings, and misappropriation of public funds by public figures and high-ranking officials.


13 February 2020 image

The Open Governance Inter-agency Coordination Council has been established

Following the Decree of the Government of Georgia of February 13th, Open Governance Inter-Agency Coordination Council has been established and the charter, as well as the composition of the council, has been approved. The coordination council covers all three branches of the government and consists of – the representatives of the ministries, deputy chairman of the Supreme Court of Georgia and the Chairman of the Open Governance Permanent Parliamentary Council.

28 January 2020 image

Why EITI-OGP Synergy Matters for Georgia

Despite being one of the key economic areas for Georgia, extractive industries generally lack sufficient levels of transparency and accountability. The recently published 2019 OGP Global Report demonstrates that improved transparency leads to better economic results, including increased foreign direct investment inflows and better credit ratings.

21 January 2020 image

Development Plan and Future Prospects of the Open Data Platform - WWW.DATA.GOV.GE

On January 21st, The Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) in cooperation with the Data Exchange Agency (DEA) organized a meeting on the topic: Development Plan and Future Prospects of the Open Data Platform - WWW.DATA.GOV.GE.


16 October 2019 image

Following IDFI’s Recommendation Parliament of Georgia has Developed the Electronic Platform of Citizen Participation in Legislative Work

On October 15, Parliament of Georgia held the presentation on placing the e-signatures on legislative initiatives and petitions. The implementation of this novelty comes from the recommendation of the IDFI, initiated in the first action plan of the Open Parliament, commitment 1.2, which considered submission of legislative proposals and initiatives to the Parliament of Georgia electronically, implementing its support mechanism through the official website of the Parliament of Georgia.


24 September 2019 image

Hearing on Civic Engagement Instruments & Practices in State Agencies as part of its Thematic Inquiry Group was Held

The Permanent Parliamentary Council on Open Governance held a hearing on Civic Engagement Instruments and Practices in State Agencies as part of its thematic inquiry group.