Awareness raising activities carried out by IDFI in 2012

Awareness 28 April 2014

During 2012 awareness activities carried out by IDFI (Institute for Development of Freedom of Information) expanded its activities and included the following fields: Information security, e-governance, access to public information, proactive disclosure, archival documents and sharing international and local experience;


On February 29th, 2012, IDFI published information about privacy policy of Google users, which implied to create one document for combining different products of Google in one space and providing effective service; Despite of the complains about personal privacy of Google users, it guaranteed the security with different mechanisms;


In terms of e-governance and informational transparency, different activities took place in the framework of the project “Development of E-governance in Georgia”; One of them was discussion, which touched the issues of informational transparency, information security and protecting personal data;


On July 6, 2012, a workshop has been held for the representatives of media on the topic - Freedom of Information and Accessibility of Public Documents. IDFI representative delivered presentation about freedom of information and the relevant legislation, as well as the Georgian practice of access to information;


On 27-28th of July, 2012 the seminar about freedom of information and access to official documents in Government bodies took place in the framework of “Democratic Government in Georgia” (G-3). IDFI took part in this meeting, which aimed to discuss the problems and challenges related to the freedom of information due to speak about the future plans for improving the existed situation;


Institute for Development of Freedom of Information conducted presentation of the project “Public Information Database –”; During the event representatives of the Institute nominated the most accountable and the most closed public institutions;


It is worthy to highlight that IDFI organized an exhibition “Great Terror 1937-38 – Stalin Lists” in the framework of the project “Stalin Lists about Georgia”; The exhibition presented the unique documental and photo materials displaying the tragic events developed in Georgia in 1937-1938. These materials have been found by IDFI in the Archives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, its Analytic Department, the Society “Memorial of Georgia”, as well as in the families of the repressed people.

During 2012 IDFI analysts prepared two guidebooks in the framework of different organizational projects: Freedom of Information (Guidebook) and “Right to Know” (Practical Reading Material);


The guidebook is based on the examples of requesting public information and aims to give theoretical knowledge and legal understanding of the topics related to access of information. This guidebook will be interesting and useful not only for those specialists, who are working in this field, but also for broad audience;

Practical Reading Material was prepared in the framework of the project “Right to Know”. It gives short and clear explanation of the terms related of public information and is prepared for the people who are interested to get more information about freedom to information and understand the terms;

In conclusion, awareness activities aimed to give information about organizational activities and already established practices;


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