Stalin’s Lists on Georgia

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Project Title:       “Stalin’s Lists on Georgia”

Total Budget- 20,920.00 EURO

Duration of the project- March 2011-October 2012

Project is supported and financed by the Heinrich Böll Foundation South Caucasus Regional Office (10,365.00 EURO) and the Embassy of Switzerland in Georgia (10,550.00 EURO)


Project will be implemented together with the LEPL Archive of the Ministry of Interior of Georgia.


The book about “Stalin’s Lists” will present  information about the victims of the “Great Terror” of 1937-1938 in Georgia, particularly about the persons who were sentenced to extreme penalty by Stalin and other Politburo members (total number of the repressed people in Stalin's Lists from Georgia is 3616). The Book will be based on the information that was received from the International Society "Memorial":


Documental and photo materials will be used from the archive of the “The Society for Immortalizing and Supporting Victims of the Soviet Times Repressions “Memorial” of Georgia.


People will be able to search the names and information about their ancestors, who became victims of repressions of 1937-1938. At the same time population of Georgia will learn how Stalin and Beria themselves were involved in decision making process about purges of 1937-1938 and this will destroy the stereotype of Stalin as a “Positive Great Georgian  Hero” that might still exist in a part of the Georgian population. Providing research and publishing the book about the “Stalin’s Lists” will be the real step forward to de-Stalinization, revision of all stereotypes about this issue, it will cause discussions about the Stalin’s role in history and it will raise awareness of people about the truth of Stalin’s Epoch. Also this will be the commemorating book of the victims of “Great Terror”. At the same time this book will be a new word towards the development of Soviet Studies in Georgia and additional significant input in Sovietology on the international level.


In the framework of the project, IDFI together with the LEPL Archive of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia plan to work on the book of Stalin’s Lists. The book will include full list of the people listed in the Stalin’s list on Georgia and on each person there will be given standard information based on the archival materials from Georgian Archives (former Archive of the Ministry of State Security of Georgia (KGB) and the Archive of the Central Committee of Communist Party of Georgia) and will include data taken from personal cases (files) of the prisoners, protocols of “NKVD Troika” sessions, party member’s work sheets, personal and family archives and other sources of information.  Foreword about the “Great Terror of 1937-1938” and about the “Stalin’s Lists” will be also included. Vocabulary of terminology and abbreviation will be written. Statistical data according to several parameters will be also provided in the book. Book will be published in Georgian and in Russian.


The digital version of the book in Georgian and Russian will be available on the web-sites of the Institute for Development of Freedom of Information and partner organizations of the project.

Activities Carried Out Withing the Project