Members of Leadership House visited IDFI

News | Good Governance | Publications | Article 20 December 2013

On December 19 director of Institute for Development of Freedom of Information, Giorgi Kldiashvili conducted a lecture about Stalinism and mass repressions for high school students.

This event was attended by the members of Leadership House. The aim of this meeting was making the young generation familiar with the epoch and assessing the events that took place back then.

Giorgi Kldiashvili talked about the totalitarian regime, absence of freedom, brutality of the regime, fear among the society and the violent methods though which people were convicted and sentenced.

He put the emphases on the wrong public attitude towards the totalitarian regime and Stalin himself. As Giorgi explained, the main reason is the lack of the information and Soviet control of public opinion.

Students got familiar with the Facebook page which was created within the frames of joint endeavor of IDFI, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Embassy of Switzerland and Heinrich Boll Stiftung – Stalin’s Lists on Georgia. This Facebook page contains information about almost 3500 victims of repressions. Among these people were poets, writers, actors, directors who were accused of anti-soviet activities and were sentenced to be shot. These people were rehabilitated years later. 

Participants asked various questions and expressed wish to get to know with this epoch better through cooperating with the Institute for Development of Freedom of Information.

 “Leadership House” was created within the frames of the first stage of prevention of LEPL Center for Crime Prevention and Innovative Programs. Through this project, students of 8-12 forms are involved in various educational, professional and charitable programs.

IDFI expresses readiness to host and share experience with the youth who are interested in activities of the organization.

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