30 October 2019 image

First Monitoring Results of the Strategy & the Action Plan by the PSG

The 2017-2018 interim monitoring report reviews progress and defines recommendations for the improvement of achievement of goals and objectives provided in the Strategy & the Action Plan of the Prosecution Service of Georgia.

21 October 2019 image

Selection of Supreme Court Judge Candidates

A phone survey to find out people’s knowledge and attitude about the Supreme Court judge selection process was conducted. The survey resulted in 867 completed interviews, and is representative of the adult Georgian-speaking population of the country. The average margin of error of the survey is 2.2%.

9 October 2019 image

Expenditures of the Contingency Funds of Local Municipalities in 2018

IDFI's visualization on the Expenditures of the Contingency Funds of Local Municipalities in 2018.

29 July 2019 image

Permanent Consultation Bodies in the Prosecutor’s Office

One novelty of the updated Organic Law on Prosecution Service is the introduction of permanent consultation bodies in the Prosecutor’s Office, namely: Career Management, Ethics and Incentives Council; and Strategic Development and Criminal Law Policy Council;

22 July 2019 image

What does the Parliamentary Control over the Prosecutor’s Office Imply?

IDFI’s visualizations explains what does the broadened Parliamentary control over the Prosecutor’s Office imply, following the recent changes in the Law on Prosecutor’s Office.

15 July 2019 image

Authority of the Prosecutor General of Georgia

As a result of the reform of the Prosecution Service, the authority of the Prosecutor General was expanded and the powers of the Minister of Justice were transferred to the Prosecutor General.

11 July 2019 image

Changes Made to the Composition and the Functions of the Prosecutorial Council as Result of Legislative Amendments

The main function of the Prosecutorial Council is to ensure the independence, transparency and efficiency of the Prosecutor's Office.

2 July 2019 image

National Assessment of Georgian Municipalities - 2019

IDFI's visualization on the national assessment of Georgian municipalities.     

14 June 2019 image

Proactive Disclosere of Information on Public Institution’s Websites


14 June 2019 image

Dynamics of Proactive Disclosure of Information on Public Institution Websites