Certificate Program in Fighting Corruption





The Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) together with Ilia State University is pleased to announce a call for the Certificate Program in Fighting Corruption.


Program goal



Program participants have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge about anticorruption themes as well as acquire practical skills in order to oppose corruption.  


Who is eligible? 


The Program is intended for students from authorized higher education institutions of Georgia, as well as persons employed in the public, private or non-governmental sectors. 


Program Description and Curriculum


Certificate Program in Fighting Corruption is part of the international Anti-Corruption Interdisciplinary Studies Program.  The study course consists of 8 modules:


Key concepts, ideas, theories & social scientific perspectives on corruption (political sciences, anthropology, sociology, psychology);


- Legal aspects of corruption;


- Anti-corruption policies in public institutions, business & NGOs, private corruption;


- Good Governance;


- E-governance in fighting corruption;


- Corruption and politics;


- How other countries have succeeded in combating corruption;


- Modern whistleblowing and investigative journalism on corruption.  


Duration: Two semesters (October 7, 2019 – June 16, 2020). The duration of each module is 3 weeks (12 hours / 6 lectures). Lectures will take place twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays), in the evening 19:00 to 22:00 at Ilia State University


Program language: Georgian (most of the materials are in Georgian and English).


The study employs interactive discussions based on practical and theoretical knowledge. Participants have the opportunity to work on practical cases, engage in discussion about various issues of their interest, and prepare essays.




The Program includes Georgian professors as trainers, and local and international experts as speakers.



Learn the detailed information on Trainers from here





- Module-level certificates will be provided to each participant upon completion of each module.


- Program participant that attends at least 6 of 8 modules will receive a full course certificate.  


- After the successful completion of the Program, 10 best essays prepared by Program participants will be accepted for publication on Ilia State University and IDFI websites and social pages (Facebook and Twitter).


- Two best performing participants will undergo an internship at IDFI.



Alumni Network


At the end of the Program, the Alumni Network will be created, which will bring together Program participants and foreign alumni of similar programs to sustain research plans, exchange programs and other relevant activities for the future.


How to Apply


- Interested applicants (students, representatives of civil service, business and non-governmental sector) are invited to submit the filled-in application form by September 25, 2019 and send their resume to the following Email: corruptionhunters@idfi.ge


- Program participants will be selected based on their application.


- Shortlisted candidates will be called at the second stage for the interview. The readiness of participants to fully comply with the requirements of the Program will be assessed during the interview. 


Selection Criteria 


Program participants will be selected through a competition:  motivation, communication, effective teamwork and presentation skills. English (Intermediate Level) is preferable.


The initiative is financially supported by Open Society Institute Budapest Foundation (OSI).  The Program is implemented under the co-funding from Open Society Georgia Foundation (OSGF).


For additional information, please contact:


David Maisuradze

 Coordinator of the Educational Certification Program on Fighting Corruption

Telephone:  (+995 599) 577 11 45 22 


E-mail: corruptionhunters@idfi.ge