Communications Strategy & Action Plan of Open Governance Permanent Parliamentary Council: 2019-2020

News | Publications | Open Government | Policy Document 27 May 2019

Communications Strategy & Action Plan prepared by IDFI for the Open Governance Permanent Parliamentary Council covers a two-year period (2019-2020). The Strategy Document and its Action Plan is approved by the Council. 


Preparation of these documents is one of the commitments taken under the third Open Parliament Action Plan (2018-2019). It aims to define communication of the Council and other Members of the Parliament with the society in 2019-2020. The Council, with active participation from the Department of Public Relations and Information, is responsible for the implementation of the Strategy and the Action Plan.


A communication strategy is an important mechanism for institutionalization and development of systemic approaches to public relations processes. Therefore, this document defines the mission, vision, and main principles of the Council’s communications with the society. During the preparation process of this document the current conditions and challenges facing the Council in the field of public communications were analyzed and recommendations addressing those challenges were prepared.


The strategy includes goals, based on which the Council along with the Department will prepare and implement informational and other events.


The document also discusses messages of the Council, based on its vision. The strategy includes communication methods that will enable the Council to have an effective communication with target internal and external audiences and interest groups.


The strategy includes an annex of the two-year Action Plan (2019-2020), which details measures to be implemented by the Council in the next two years.


Implementation of the activities in this plan will ensure:


1) increase of public awareness of OGP, Council mission, its activities and results;


2) increase of public awareness of the Parliament and Parliamentarism;


3) promotion of public engagement and participation in the parliamentary activities;


4) increase of public awareness and usage of the new technologies and innovative approaches defined in the Action Plan to boost the communication between the Parliament and the public;


5) informing of the international community about ongoing activities and achievements in the field of legislative transparency of the Parliament of Georgia in the framework of OGP.



See Open Governance Permanent Parliamentary Council Communications Plan here



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