Social Media Strategy of the Parliament of Georgia: 2019-2020

News | Publications | Open Government Partnership | Policy Document 27 May 2019

Social networks are important and effective communications channel that is actively used by the Parliament of Georgia to raise the public awareness about legislative activities.


Due to the lack of unified communications strategy and an action plan for the Parliament of Georgia, the following Social Networks Strategy (hereafter, Strategy) gains particular importance. The Strategy defines public communications goals, principles, and planned measures of the Parliament across various social platforms.


The Strategy analyses current situation, discusses the challenges facing the Parliament and offers ways to overcome those challenges through various means. Creation, approval, and implementation of a social network Strategy in one of the Parliament’s commitments taken under the third Open Parliament Action Plan (2018-2019) (through the initiative of the Institute for Development of Freedom of Information). The Department of Public Relations and Information of the Parliament of Georgia is responsible for implementation of the goals defined in the Strategy.



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