Journalists and Activists for Good Governance – Contest of Analytical Articles


The Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) launched a contest of analytical and investigation articles: Journalists for Good Governance.  


The goal of the contest: encourage government oversight activities among journalists. 


Rules for participation and evaluation criteria:


1. Submitted Analytical articles, prepared in Georgian, must be related to possible wrongdoings and suspicious circumstances in the public sector. The specific topics of the article can be:


-  Possible wrongoings in public institutions, including state-owned enreprises, budget-funded organizations;


 - Incorrect and illegal disposal of public finances;


 - Cases of alleged corruption;


  - Abuse of power by public officials and activities incompatible with their position;


 -  Violations in the public procurement sector;


 - Nepotism and conflict of interest in the public sector;


- Actions against public interests.


2. Each participant may send several articles (on different topics) 


3. The main part of the analytical article must be based on the processed public data and its analysis;


4. The analytical article must describe author’s findings and analysis of important issues in Georgia;


5. The article must follow the following structure: Title, Cover page with personal information about the author (name, surname), Key findings, Introduction, Main body, Conclusion, Bibliography/Annexes


6. Technical specifications of the article: 


- The article must be submitted as a Word document;


- Number of pages: 2-5 pages (text, without graphs and annexes);


- Font: Sylfaen, size- 12;


- Line spacing - 1.15;


- Margin:  Normal.


7. Any additional public information requested by the author from public institutions must be submitted together with the article;


8. The analysis included in the submitted article must belong to the author. Plagiarism will result in disqualification;


9. Articles that have already been published will not be accepted.



How to find information for an analytical article?


- Look for information and reports published on websites of public institutions;


 - Browse datasets on Georgia’s Open Data Platform  (DataLab –;


- Request public information from specific public institutions.


Contest prizes:


- I place - $300 USD;


- II place - $200 USD;


- III place - $150 USD


- The best 3 articles will be published on IDFI’s website  (  and social media pages (Facebooks; Twitter) with copyright protection.  


Deadline for submission of articles is November 10, 2019. Articles may only be submitted electronically to the following email: by indicating - Contest of articles - in the subject line.


For more information about the contest contact us between 10:00-19:00, from Monday to Friday:


Tel: +995 32 2 921514 და/ან +995 599 500 137; Email:



The contest is organized with the financial support of the global charity organization, Luminate