The renewed has been launched

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The renewed has been launched on February 27, 2014 – the most voluminous online database in Georgia.

The portal serves to improve level of transparency and accountability of the government.

By the initiative of OSGF, has been transformed into a single portal of NGOs involved in promoting freedom of information and since now, it will unite public information requested and collected by Institute for Development and Freedom of Information (IDFI), Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association (GYLA), Transparency International - Georgia (TI-G) and Association “Green Alternative”. provides information on how state institutions operate, how they spend public funds and fulfill state targeted programs, as well as performance of public servants and their incomes and benefits to the public via simple, modern and user-friendly navigation system. was firstly launched in 2010 by IDFI with financial support of OSGF. It was the first online portal enabling civil society to track tendencies of dissemination and development of public information in our country.

From the very beginning, the portal united more than 11 000 requests for public information, resultant the number of site visitors exceeded 100 000.

Public information published on frequently became a top topic in civil society and political circles, for example, information about rule of paying bonuses to state officials regularly uploaded on the portal factually evoked changing the rule of remuneration and payment of bonuses to political officials.

The portal was updated and modified by specialists from international organization “HURIDOCS” that is focused on assisting organizations working on human rights protection with the implementation of breakthrough information technologies in their activities.

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