Practice of Proactive Disclosure of Public Information in State Agencies

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Within the auspices of the project, conducted during the period of September-October 2014 IDFI researched to what extent 133 public entities fulfilled their obligation deriving from The Decree on the Electronic Request and Proactive Disclosure of Public Information.


Study revealed that:

  • 35 public entities have either not developed public information web-page or failed to upload data on the web-page set up exclusively for the purpose of proactively disclosing public information (among the public entities the Penitentiary Department, as well as the National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation of Georgia can me mentioned);
  • The four public entities, out of the monitored 98, which were assessed to have the highest possible 100% rating of proactively disclosing public information were: The Administration of the Government of Georgia, the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Energy.
  • Out of the monitored 98 public entities, 20 were assessed to have the 50% rating of proactively disclosing information. Inter alia the State Service Agency and the Investigation Department of the Ministry of Finance both having the rating of 21%, as well as the Government Office of Autonomous Republic of Adjara with the rating of 48% can be highlighted here.
  • Agencies are prone to proactively disclose only the information falling within the auspices of the Government Decree. This practice does not meet the international standard of open governance and accountability.


Research analyzed the best and worst cases of proactive disclosure at the websites of public institutions. It proposed detailed study of the relevant resolutions, which imposes responsibility on institutions to implement obligations; There are some recommendations in relation with the special articles, which enables government institutions to publish information; They are requested to provide society with financial transparency and share necessary information about their activities;

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