Studying How Major International Anti-corruption Platforms Promote Transparent & Accountable Public Procurement in Georgia and Eurasia Region

Projects | Completed Projects 1 June 2019


Name of Grant Activity: Studying how major international anti-corruption platforms promote transparent and accountable public procurement in Georgia and the Eurasia region

Donor Organization: Open Society Institute Budapest Foundation (OSI)

Total Grant Amount: 51,456.96 USD

Project Number: OR2019-58650

Period of Performance: 1 June 2019 – 30 November 2020


Project Description and Goal


The goal of the project is to secure Georgia’s democratic state-building achievements by tackling the growing problem of corruption, with a particular focus on corruption-proofing the public procurement system.


To pursue this agenda on the national level IDFI will work to maximize the effect of such international anti-corruption platforms as the Open Government Partnership (OGP), Council of Europe’s Group of States against Corruption (GRECO), and Anti-Corruption Network of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD-ACN). IDFI will also look at Georgia’s National Anti-Corruption Strategy and Action Plan as a framework for assessing the Georgia public procurement related policies, to make sure the country fulfills its international obligations and reduce the scale of corruption in interests of Georgian population. IDFI will also continue its work of building an international network of CSOs working on public procurement and consolidating their efforts to make the voice of civil society heard by major national and international stakeholders and decision makers.


Objective 1 - Fortify the Georgian public procurement system against corruption by developing systemic improvements. In order to ensure that the ongoing legislative reform does not lose sight of the practical aspects of how public procurement is run in Georgia, IDFI will analyze the most prominent corruption loopholes of the Georgian public procurement system and develop policy papers, in cooperation with all relevant stakeholders, offering best practice and evidence-based, systemic improvements to the system of public procurement.  


Objective 2 - Amplify the effect of all major anti-corruption platforms in Georgia, with a focus on improving the public procurement system. IDFI intends to harness and amplify the positive effect various international anti-corruption platforms have on Georgian reform environment in order to secure tangible anti-corruption commitments and actions from relevant state actors. Particular attention will be paid to securing commitments that tackle corruption in the Georgian public procurement system.


Project Activities


Objective 1


- Elaborating policy proposals targeting specific corruption related loopholes in the Georgian public procurement system.


- Holding public discussions on each policy proposal developed as part of the project.


- Harnessing the Georgian public procurement reform to strengthen the TPPR international network of CSOs working on public procurement.


Objective 2


- Assessing the quality of implementation of Georgia’s anti-corruption commitments within the OGP National Action Plan (NAP) of 2018-2019.


- Assessing Georgia’s compliance with the National Anti-Corruption Strategy commitments.


- Assessing Georgia’s compliance with GRECO recommendations.


- Assessing Georgia’s progress on Implementing the OECD-ACN Recommendations andContributing to the latest  Round of Evaluation.


Planned Activities


Project Budget



Activities Carried Out Withing the Project