Problems of a Growing Bureaucracy in the Context of Public Administration Reform

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Project Title: Problems of a Growing Bureaucracy in the Context of Public Administration Reform


Donor Organization: project is implemented with the assistance from United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Governance Reform Fund (GRF) with funds of UK aid from the UK Government.


Grant Amount: USD 10,400


Project Duration: March 9, 2017 - August 8, 2017



Problem Statement and Project Objective


According to annual budget execution reports prepared by the Georgian government, the number of employees and the amount of administrative expenses in the public sector have been increasing every year.


Considering the slow rate of economic growth in recent years, the topic of growing bureaucracy has attracted increasing interest from the general public as well as the State Audit Office. The problem has been recognized by the government, which has announced its intention to cut bureaucratic costs by 10% in 2017.


The objective of this project is to develop a policy document that will study the state of government bureaucracy and, more specifically, administrative expenses in 2011-2016 for the purpose of identifying existing problems and challenges.


The policy document will then study international best practice and elaborate specific recommendations directed at both central and local governments that will ensure a more rational management of administrative expenses and help establish an effective system of human resources management.


Target Audience


The policy document will be directed at the Government of Georgia and local government bodies.


After identifying major problems and challenges in the management of human resources and administrative expenses, the document will present recommendations to government bodies on what changes would make their systems of recruitment, remuneration and resource management more efficient, rational and transparent.


Work Plan and Timeline






































Activities Carried Out Withing the Project