Presentation of the new project Monitoring of Governmental Agencies Informational Recourses

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On September 28 in connection with the International Right to Know Day the Institute for Development of Freedom of Information held a presentation of the new project “Monitoring of Governmental Agencies' Informational Recourses” funded by the Open Society-Georgia” at the Office of the Open Society-Georgia Foundation. The project aims to make a new web-page where public information obtained by the organization will be thematically stored in the Institute’s online database for public access. The project’s coordinator, Levan Avalishvili, also talked at the presentation about the media component of the project. According to him, creation of the media-club that will function in the framework of the project and which will enable a regular dialogue format with media representatives on public information accessibility issues is planned. This initiative will enable an exchange of media practices and experiences, will facilitate an increased media involvement and will also aid the media representatives in requesting public information.

At the meeting the Director of the Institute, Giorgi Kldiashvili, presented to the audience primary results of the project “Monitoring of Governmental Agencies’ Informational Recourses” that is financed by the Open Society Institute and the National Security Archive.

According to him, the Institutes’ Expert Team conducted monitoring of five Ministries (Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Environment Protection and Natural Recourses, Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Protection and Ministry of External Affairs) and its relevant 13 sub-agencies.

Based on the primary results of the monitoring it was determined that the Internet transparency index of monitored official web-pages is not more than 30%. At this stage of the research the lowest rating is earned by the “State Fund for Protection and Assistance of (Statutore) Victims of Human Trafficking” (8.72%), while the highest-rated web site is appeared to be the “Ministry of Environment Protection and Natural Recourses” (31.68%).By the end of the meeting Giorgi Kldiashvili noted the final report of the research will be presented to the public in the nearest future.


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