IDFI’s Recommendations for the 2021-2022 Open Government Georgia Action Plan

News | Open Government Partnership | Article 26 April 2020


Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI), as the member of the Open Governance Inter-Agency Coordination Council, and together with the other representatives of the civil society, presented the commitments to the Secretariat of the Open Governance Inter-Agency Coordination Council. These commitments were distributed to the relevant state agencies.


The commitments presented by IDFI are based on the best international practice, including on the commitments of the OGP member countries, and aims to strengthen the citizen engagement and rule of law, to increase access to data and freedom of information, to support fight against corruption and transparency in state agencies. It is noteworthy, that among three starred commitments presented by the civil sector, 2 of them were elaborated by IDFI, particularly, endorsement of the principles of EITI, and establishment of beneficial ownership register of overseas entities. These two commitments, if taken into account by the Council, can play the important role in increasing the transparency, protecting the environment, enhancing the investments, and securing the rights of the citizens living in municipalities.


IDFI remains the leader non-governmental organization in supporting the implementation of the principles of OGP in Georgia.




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