IDFI Held a Meeting with the Youth of Gori- Falsified History and Triumphant May 9: History and Modernity

News | Memory and Disinformation Studies | Article 17 May 2022

Falsifying history, distorting facts and using it without context is one of the most important strategies in modern Russian hybrid warfare.


Nowadays, disinformation narratives are utilized to portray Russia as “protective” and “liberating” power, for this, on the one hand, it uses historical narratives, and on the other hand, the instrumentalization of victory.


Celebration of May 9 has a significant meaning for Gori and for several groups, this day is associated with Stalin and his personal victory. However, it is noteworthy that youth is interested in asking new questions and conducting a discussion of the symbolic meaning of May 9.



From the lessons of the Soviet totalitarian system, monopolizing and copying historical narratives, locally and internationally, is an effective tool. Thus, history and the hegemony over ambition to interpret it again fell into the interests of the Kremlin and became an important tool of its hybrid warfare. Russian historical propaganda does not only concern the Russian Federation and the Russian people, but also aims to undermine the credibility of other nations at the international level and to monopolize their historical narratives. 


To discuss the aforementioned topics and symbolic meaning of May 9, on May 13 members of IDFI - memory and disinformation studies department, met with local students and schoolchildren in Gori. Discussion - "Overcoming Disinformation and Nostalgia around Stalin: A New Identity for the City of Gori" - covered such important issues as historical and modern disinformation narratives, the annexation of history and the monopolization of the narrative of victory in World War II by Russia. Discussion was organized by the partner organization “Gori Photographers Club” in Gori Art House. 


Discussion was held in the framework of the project: "Overcoming Disinformation and Nostalgia around Stalin: A New Identity for the City of Gori", funded by Georgian Information Integrity Program (GIIP).


The project is supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Zinc Network.




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