IDFI held an Online Training for Civil Servants on the Use of AI

News | INTERNET AND INNOVATIONS | Article 19 February 2021


On February 15, the Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) conducted an online training for civil servants on the use of artificial intelligence systems in the public sector. The training aimed to provide theoretical and practical information to civil servants about international standards of the use of artificial intelligence systems, and present the results and revealed challenges of the analysis on the practice of using such systems in Georgia.


The training participants received information on the following issues:


- Definition and characteristics of artificial intelligence;


- Use of artificial intelligence in the public sector - international examples;


- International standards for the use of artificial intelligence;


- Artificial intelligence and human rights;


- Examples of the use of artificial intelligence in the Georgian public sector;


- Legal regulation of the use of artificial intelligence in Georgia;


- Legal challenges related to the use of artificial intelligence in the Georgian public sector;


- Recommendations for public servants


The training also included a discussion on artificial intelligence transparency standards, usage, and challenges related to their implementation.


The event was opened and moderated by IDFI Programs Director, Levan Avalishvili and Head of Media, Internet and Innovation Direction, Teona Turashvili.


The first part of the training - "Artificial intelligence, international standards and best practices" was led by the project expert, Nata Goderdzishvili. The second part - "Use of Artificial Intelligence in the Georgian Public Sector: Practice and Legal Challenges" - was led by IDFI Analyst, Davit Eristavi and Project Manager, Giorgi Davituri.


The training was organized by IDFI in frames of the project - "Promoting Greater Transparency and Ethical Standards in the Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI)", financially supported by the International Center for Non-for-profit Law (ICNL). The initiative aims to promote the development and implementation of greater transparency and ethical standards in the use of artificial intelligence by public agencies.


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