Handbook on Open Local Government and Public Ethics

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The Council of Europe, in the framework of the Council of Europe 2020-2023 Action Plan for Georgia, is implementing the project "Strengthening participatory democracy and human rights at local level in Georgia". The main goal of the project is to strengthen citizen involvement and human rights protection at the local level.


The project supports establishment of effective mechanisms for cooperation between local authorities and civil society and aims to increase the involvement of citizens in the activities of local government, to fight against corruption, and implement active measures to incorporate a gender policy and eliminate all forms of discrimination.


Within the scopes of the project, IDFI updated the Handbook on Open Local Government and Public Ethics. The guide includes information on rules of ethics in public service, accountability, transparency and citizen participation mechanisms, reviews relevant local legislation, institutional mechanisms and good practice. The guide analyzes in detail the risks of corruption, the principles and standards of transparency, the mechanisms implemented in terms of citizen participation and the existing challenges for local authorities.


The mechanisms described in the guidebook describe methodologies that will assist local and regional authorities in eliminating corruption risks and implementing good governance principles.



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