Georgia Wins the First OGP Government Champions Award - media coverage

IDFI in Media | Open Government 3 November 2015

On October 27th, 2015, Georgia won the Open Government Partnership (OGP) Champion's Award. The award ceremony took place in Mexico City, Mexico at the OGP Civil Society Day, which was held within the OGP Global Mexico Summit 2015.

Certainly, above-mentioned event was significant for Georgia thus for the mass media, as well as for the foreign media which actively covered the OGP Global Summit Mexico 2015 and the fact of awarding Georgia with the first Champion's Award.

"Costa Rica could win the OGP Champion's Award" - this is a title of the article published by The Costa Rica Star. The article explains the notion of the award, procedures for the voting and overviews three front-runners among them Georgia.

The Messenger Online says: "IDFI presented a brief summary of the Open Government Partnership and prepared a video clip, which demonstrates the work of the Inter-Factional Group of the Parliament of Georgia and its contribution in the work." published a detailed photo review of the award ceremony.

Regarding the Georgian mass media, "2 TV" published a congratulation statement to Georgia of the Chairman of the Parliament - Davit Usupashvili about winning the OGP Champion's Award. says in its article: "In its nomination IDFI declared that the Group took an active role in elaborating the Action Plan and initiated commitments for the transparency of Parliament which the Parliament of Georgia has to fulfill in 2015-2016 years."

NewsDay Georgia underlined the fact that Georgia entered the short list of Open Government Partnership countries that have elaborated the OGP Action Plan. It is also mentioned that Georgia is one of the leading countries in this direction and the Inter-Factional Group of the Parliament of Georgia named the winner NGO of the OGP Champion's Award and this NGO is Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI). also published an article which focuses on the contribution of the IDFI and the engagement of its representatives at the sessions of the OGP Global Summit Mexico 2015. "Director of IDFI, Giorgi Kldiashvili is participating in following sessions and plenary discussions: "OGP Civil Society Knowledge Sharing," "Open Parliament Action Plans - From Idea to Implementation," etc. while Chairman of the IDFI, Levan Avalishvili will discuss "Citizen Centric Anti-Corruption Initiatives."

According to the Interpressnews "Inter-Factional Group of the Parliament of Georgia was nominated for the award due the effective cooperation among the Parliament of Georgia and CSOs."

Georgian News Agency and were actively covering Georgia's participation in the OGP Global Mexico Summit 2015 and winning of the OGP Champion's Award.

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