Supporting and Monitoring of the Transition to Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting in Georgia - Project Implementation Report

News | Research | INTERNET AND INNOVATIONS | Publications 4 March 2015

A new state policy and strategy of Digital Switchover, that is more adjusted on media interests, was adopted as a result of IDFI’s activities, carried out within the framework of the project Supporting and Monitoring of the Transition to Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting in Georgia, supported by Open Society - Georgia Foundation (OSGF). Action plan of Digital Switchover was approved in the beginning of 2014.

With the significant input of IDFI primary strategy of Digital Switchover was replaced with new improved one. Positive changes, cinsidered in the new strategy were related to these directions: demonopolisation of media outlets, transparency of admission fees, considering the interests of regional media and socially vulnerable citizens, adopt competitive and open competitive procedures, constructing the networks with financial support of investors, etc.

IDFI aimed to monitor the process of digital switchover, activities of Georgian National Communication’s Commission and Digital Broadcasting Agency. Institute tried to reveal technical, economical or competition problems and provide recommendations and solutions. IDFI monitored informational campaign about DSO.

As adopting process of draft amendment about digital broadcasting was accelerated, several important changes have not been considered in it. In March 2014 IDFI prepared a study regarding these changes and presented its suggestions to Georgian National Communication’s Commission.

Within the frameworks of the project IDFI prepared 6 more studies and several broad articles, held and participated in numerous conferences, meetings, events, etc that aimed to discuss main challenges of DSO.

Representatives of IDFI focused on terms and procedures of purchasing Set Top Boxes, problems of regional multiple platforms, government’s strategy, transparency issues of Georgian TV Centre’s work, etc.

Several relevant achievements, made within the project should be mentioned:


o Open and transparent contest of commercial broadcasting network, admission fee for broadcasters that is lower than average European price
o Regulatory commission confirmed readiness to allocate the frequencies, that were requested for constructed local and regional multiple platforms in the end of September
o Memorandum on mutual assistance and cooperation was signed with Digital Broadcasting Agency
o Detailed commercial broadcasting responsibilities and terms of admission were determined for the company, selected through the commercial broadcasting multiple platform contests


In order to select best technical decision and equipment for most affordable price, IDFI organized presentations for local and regional broadcasters.
Different media outlets actively covered IDFIs activities regarding DSO.

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