Different Kinds of Public Information Received from the Tbilisi State University

News | FIGHTING CORRUPTION | Publications | Analysis 9 April 2013

IDFI has received public information from Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. The information is now accessible on our web-site. The University provided incomplete information in response to the request for the bonuses of the officials and staff and the balance of the 2012 budget, and has refused the request for the information about funded events and list of employees. 


In case of bonuses, Tbilisi State University has only provided sum of the bonuses given to all employees, while the request about public officials was refused, as, according to the answer, it contains personal information. The received information only makes clear, that 2212 employees of the University received a total bonus of 1 935 603 GEL in 2012. 

The budget is given incompletely, since the answer only includes extracts of sums of categories from the budget, instead of the complete balance of the budget. 
The request about events was refused, as, according to the University, the answer would require a lot of time, and also, there is not enough human resources for such work. 
As for the list of employees with indication of salaries, TSU considered this information to contain personal data, and thus has refused to release it. 

In all the other cases the information was complete.  


See the sent letter.

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Replies were provided in violation of the 10 days period, prescribed by the General Administrative Code of Georgia Article 40, Part 1.
Submission date: 18/02/2013
Date of receipt: 07/03/2013
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