IDFI Launches Discussion Series in Regions

News 23 October 2014

On 20-21st of October, 2014 Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) delivered discussions titled “Control Your Government” at Rustavi and Gori Civic Engagement Centers. The discussions are conducted in the framework of the project “Enhancing E-Skills of Controlling Government among Young People”.


The discussions aimed to give participants information about the techniques of effective communication towards local, central government, as well as result-oriented project management. Participants of these discussions had opportunity to learn information related to mechanisms for influence from different actors of the society, main principles of civic activism, methods for conducting effective communication between government and citizen. At the end of the meeting, the participants were invited for the task “Meet Your Local Government Representative”, during whichthey planned every step of meeting with government representative.


The discussions are planned in 10 different regions and will be finished in the middle of November (see Agenda of Discussions).

The Project “Enhancing E-Skills of Controlling Government among Young People” is financially supported by U.S. Embassy in Georgia.



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