Citizens funded by the Ministry of Education and Science in foreign educational institutions

News | FIGHTING CORRUPTION | Publications 13 November 2013


The study is based on the official information received from the Ministry of Education and Science regarding the citizens sent abroad for education in 2011-2014 with financial aid. According to the received documentation, a total of 9 571 207 GEL was allocated as financial aid.

The analysis of the official data regarding the citizens in foreign educational institutions with financial aid revealed that the funds allocated for this purpose in the last three years are almost equal. At the same time, the decrease in the number of such students is explained by the fact that foreign language and professional development courses are no longer funded.

Within the last three years, the priority still went to the educational institutions of the United States and the United Kingdom. It should also be noted that in 2013-2014 aid was allocated for education in countries where the education of Georgian citizens was not funded before this. For example, in 2013-2014, unlike earlier years, education in France, Russia, Norway, Canada and Spain as funded.
At the same time the study showed that, in 2011-2014, the highest priority specialties, for which the Ministry allocated the most funds, were business administration and studies of musical instruments. In 2013-2014 the funding of the studies of law increased almost two times; however, the funding of engineering, technologies, architecture and computer science decreased at the same time. 

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