Obtained Information of 2013 from Various Public Institutions

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Public information data-base www.opendata.ge displays the information requested by IDFI from various public bodies regarding the financial management of these institutions.


IDFI requested the information about the employers and remuneration, bonuses of the public servants, supplements, business trips and roaming costs, as well as vehicle maintenance expenses. IDFI also requested the detailed information about the carried out activities and the state procurement.


IDFI also requested the copies of the higher education diplomas of the heads and deputy heads of the public institutions, business-related electronic correspondence, audit control reports and the list of the actions carried out in order to eliminate the flaws revealed by the audit control.

www.opendata.ge has already published the information obtained from the number of LEPLs.


According to these information, the annual salary of the head and the deputy head of the State Material Reserves Department was 103 923 GEL; out of these, 22 500 GEL was supplement, while 20 625 was a bonus. Annual salary of the head of the department is 32 000 GEL, while the deputy head receives 28 800 GEL. (Link)


According to the list of the employees received from The Unified National Body of Accreditation – Accreditation Center, the institution has 14 staff employees and 7 freelancers. (Link)


According to the information obtained from the National Bureau of Enforcement, the head of the bureau is the graduate of the faculty of law of the Georgian Technical University and owns master’s degree in business administration from the Lancaster University (Link)


LEPL Legal Aid Service renewed the vehicles – ‘Lada’ cars, with the total cost of 8600 GEL, were substituted with two Hyundai cars with total cost of 52 000 GEL. LEPL Legal Aid Service has not carried out the representation and roaming cost and urgent purchases. (Link)


According to the information received from the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia, the institution has not used the roaming service; nor has it carried out urgent purchases or renewed the vehicles and equipments. (Link)


National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation of Georgia provided the detailed information about the costs of the business trips, bonuses, roaming and representation expenses. Web-page also provides the copies of the diplomas of the high officials of agency. (Link)


The Office of Resource Officers of Educational Institutions has not provided the copies of the diplomas of the high officials of the institution. As for the bonuses, in the last quarter of 2013 the head and the deputy heads of the institution and the heads of the departments received 40 900 GEL as bonus. (Link)


According to the information received from the Educational and Scientific Infrastructure Development Agency, in 2014 number of staff employees was increased by 2,5. In 2012-2013 agency had 22 employees. In 2014 this number is 57. (Link)


According to the information obtained from the Service Agency of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia in 2013 institution substituted three vehicles with Suzuki cars. Total cost of the old vehicles was 18 700 GEL while the new cars cost 84 412 GEL. (Link)


In order to view this information in details, visit www.opendata.ge. IDFI team updates the public information database on daily basis with the information obtained from the public institutions. Analytical articles, based on the obtained information are available on the renewed web-page of organization www.idfi.ge.

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