Data received from Mtketa-Mtianeti Administrative Bodies (2013)

News 19 August 2014

Institute for development of freedom of Information provides divers public information received from Self-governmental authorities of Georgia. Information received to IDFI is now accessible on (public information database)

Received information is related to bonuses, salary supplements, official events and state procurements carried out in different Self-Governmental institutions as well as in Municipal Board, City Councils and City Halls of Georgia.
Besides, there are copies of higher education diplomas of City Mayors, Municipality Governors and its deputies; as well as the information about electronic business correspondence, legislative acts and the list of actions carried out for improving breaches and faults revealed by controlling agencies, on


  • The total amount of bonuses issued in 2013, in Mtskheta Municipality Government amounted 474 654 GEL. Out of which, 23 149 GEL was given to the head and its deputies. Last year, the total amount of bonuses given to 13 members of Municipality Council amounted 53 425 GEL. There was no case of salary supplement imposed to the members of Municipal Board and Municipality Council.
    According to the received information, in 2013, 13 urgent procurements were implemented with total costs of 809 903 GEL. Under which, the roofing activities were carried out for persons damaged by natural calamity (643 000 GEL). 25 424 Gel was spent on purchasing wood storage (500 c/m) for socially vulnerable families. The borehole pump was purchased for refugees of Tsinamdzghvriantkari village with total cost of 1 980 GEL.
    Clearly, the representative expenses were not outlined in the budget of 2013 of Municipality Council. As for the representative expenses of Municipal Board of Mtkheta-Mtianeti region amounted 159 417 GEL. Out of these, the largest amount of money 37 977 GEL was spent linked to Mtkhetoba Holiday.
    According to the date of December, 2013, Municipality has 60 cars on balance with residual value 795 460.94 GEL. (Purchased for 1 332 676.79 GEL overall). The head of Municipality Council has “Mercedes Benz”. (Purchased for 21 880 GEL, issued 2002)


  • 4 912 GEL salary supplements were given to Dusheti Municipality Head and its three deputies in 2013 and therefore, for other employees 52 083 GEL. Last year, Dusheti Municipal Board issued 3339 GEL related to “Women’s day” holiday only for women. For instance, the deputy of the head Nino Xutsishvili received 63 GEL. In 2013, 13 152 GEL salary supplements were issued to the Municipality Council members and 3 769 GEL was issued to other employees of Council. Similarly, Municipality Council issued 630 GEL bonuses related to “Women’s day”. Representative expenses with total amount of 10 190 GEL were implemented in 2013 at Dusheti Municipal Board. 7 995 out of these, was spent for hosting of guest related to different events. Last year, 5 638.96 GEL was spent on representative expenses at Dusheti Municipality Council. The largest amount of money 2 480 GEL was spent for hosting the invited guests related to the events on improvement of management system of small and medium sized historical cities.  In 2013, 4 urgent procurement were implemented with total cost of 77 205 GEL. Out of which 15 686 GEL was spent on rehabilitation activities carried out for water supplies of Bazaleti residential area. 14 603 GEL was spent for air-flight expenditures of Tbilisi-Shatili-Arkhoti-Tbilisi.  According to the received information from Dusheti Municipality, 8 vehicles are on the Municipality Balance with total residual value of 43 948 GEL. (Purchased for 53 282 GEL). According the date of March, 2014, the head of Municipality Government has “Volvo S 80” (issued in 2002, purchased for 12 970 GEL) while the head of Municipality Council has “Honda CR-V” (issued in 2000, purchased for 10 800 GEL)


  • Bonuses of 61 060 GEL were issued at Tianeti Municipality Government in 2013, out of which the head and its three deputies received 5 860 GEL altogether while other employees received 55 200 GEL. The total amount of bonuses issued on Tianeti Municipality Council members last year amounted 9000 GEL while 8 960 GEL was given to the other employees.
    In 2013, 5 urgent procurements were implemented with total cost of 264 465 GEL. The largest amount of money 226 170 GEL was spent on bridge rehabilitation activities in Chabano.
    20 985 GEL was spent on representative expenses in 2013 by Municipal Board, while 2 189 was spent by Municipality Council.

           According to 2014 data, 13 cars are on the balance of Tianeti Municipality with residual value of 75 917 GEL.

  • 52 415 GEL bonuses are issued at Kazbegi Municipal Board in 2013. The head and its three deputies received 5 960 GEL altogether. Bonuses of 23 560 GEL were given to the members of Municipality Council.
    324 569 GEL was imposed on urgent procurements of Municipality Government in 2013. The largest amount of money (300 000 GEL) was spent on procurements of tracks and graders.
    According to 2014 data, 34 vehicles are on the balance of Kazbegi Municipality with residual value of 398 217 GEL.

    Although, IDFI sent request for legal act of proactive disclosure of public information, the document was not adopted by any administrative bodies of Mtsketa-Mtianeti Region.

You can find detail information provided by Mtsketa-Mtianeti Administrative bodies available on

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