Think tank activities carried out by IDFI in 2011

Think tank 28 April 2014

During 2011 IDFI (Institute for Development of Freedom of Information) Think Tank activities were fully related to the issues of e-governance and e-transparency in Georgia and in the World.


The first part of the research “E-Governance and E-Transparency – International Tendencies and Georgia” gives theoretical framework and discusses the following issues: E-governance stages suggested by international experts, tendencies of development of e-democracy, elements of effective mechanisms of e-governance, forms of relationship between government and citizens etc.
The next part of the research talks about the components of transparent e-governance and gives an example of the USA. The author speaks about the elements of openness policy and one of the most important part of it are publishing information electronically, quality control of the public information and establishing open government system for creating logical frame of the open policy; Proposed examples highlights the transparency and openness of the government, awareness to get feedbacks from citizens, involve citizens in decision-making process;


The research pays attention of the successful practices, such as Kazakhstan, Bahrain, Great Britain, South Korea; The last part of the research reviews the situation in Georgia related to the development of e-governance; Monitoring of websites of public institutions showed that government bodies pay less attention to interactive relationship with users. Assessment of the websites of particular ministries illustrated that some of them does not have special category for contact or electronic request of public information;
The research emphasized positive trends of e-governance: E-services at the Ministry of Justice, Legislative Herald of Georgia etc; It also implies recommendations for improving quality of service and establishing effective mechanisms of e-governance;


Throughout 2011, IDFI think tank activities focused on the international and Georgian practices of e-governance;


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