Think tank activities carried out by IDFI in 2010

Think tank 28 April 2014

During 2010 IDFI (Institute for Development of Freedom of Information) Think tank activities were related to the following issues: Freedom of information, regulation of internet and E-governance in Georgia;


The research “Freedom of Information and Internet Regulation in Georgia” emphasized the problems in Legislative system, opportunities of the citizens be involved in decision-making process and government commitments make its work more transparent for citizens; As the research showed, current legislative system cannot provide complete fulfillment of the commitments for transparent e-governance in Georgia;


Therefore, it is necessary to prepare recommendations and proposal for legislative changes. These changes should establish common obligations for government institutions in order to create and activate websites; Public institutions should publish all the information on the websites, which facilitates government activities and at the same time decreases government expenditures. Simultaneously, it increases quality of freedom of information;


Author of the research “E-governance in Georgia: World Tendencies” discusses about the importance of e-governance, highlights the main problems, which countries face in the process of establishing mechanisms. Moreover, author talks about Georgia’s case development of e-governance and policy changes regarding to this issue;


As the research showed, Georgia is on the lowest level of development of e-governance and informing; Our country has quite stable positions with the index of human capital, has serious challenges in contemporary technologies, using and providing service or involving people in decision-making processes; In order to solve several difficulties, which emerged throughout the developing e-governance, Georgia should receive intellectual and financial investments; 


It is important to mention that it is of high priority for IDFI team to offer the society objective, unbiased, high quality and high standard research and analysis.


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