The Complaint of Dariana Gryaznova, a Human Rights Defender displaced from Russia, was admitted for consideration by the Court

News | Rule of Law and Human Rights 4 September 2023

On 28th of July, 2023 the complaint of the Russian human rights defender, Dariana Gryaznova, with the request to recognize the decision of refusal of her entry to Georgia, as illegal, was admitted for consideration by The Tbilisi City Court. IDFI defends Dariana Gryaznova's rights in court.


Dariana Gryaznova has been living in Georgia with her partner since 2021. On March 28, 2023, Dariana Gryaznova, who was returning from a business trip to Georgia, was refused to cross the border. As the legal basis for the refusal, the Ministry of Internal Affairs named "other reasons provided by the law", although the real reason for the refusal to cross the border is unknown.


The decision by the Ministry of Internal Affairs gives the impression of discriminatory treatment towards Dariana Gryaznova, which might be caused by her professional activities and connections. She is an active human rights defender and works at the European Human Rights Advocacy Centre (EHRAC) and Equality Now. Considering her human rights activities and taking into account the threats in Russia, from September 2021, Dariana, together with her partner, who is being persecuted in Russia for defending people against political charges brought by FSB, moved to Georgia. 


Taking into account that activists, journalists and human rights defenders displaced from Russia often have problems entering Georgia, Dariana Gryaznova also had a letter from the UN Special Rapporteur on the issue of human rights defenders requesting the relevant authorities of Georgia to allow the human rights defender to enter the territory of Georgia unhindered. Moreover, during the decision-making process, Dariana was even in contact with the Office of the UN Special Rapporteur, although the relevant authorities of the Police Department did not take this fact into account and did not express the will to speak to the representatives of the office. This, once again raises doubts that the refusal to allow the human rights defender to enter is discriminatory and illegal. It is worth noting that the UN Special Rapporteur HRDs expressed concern about this fact.


This decision was appealed by IDFI with an administrative complaint on behalf of Dariana Gryaznova, however, the Ministry of Internal Affairs violated the law and did not consider the appeal within the stipulated time. Following the inaction of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, IDFI filed a lawsuit in court and requested the annulment of the decision of refusal of entry to Georgia. The Tbilisi City Court admitted the lawsuit in proceedings on July 28, 2023. IDFI continues to provide legal assistance to Dariana Gryaznova.



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