Supreme Council of Ajara Established Open Governance Council

News | Open Government | Article 11 May 2020

Open Government Partnership (OGP) is one of the largest international initiatives, which aims to increase transparency and accountability of the government. Within this initiative governments, court, legislative or municipal authorities voluntarily execute reforms for improving good governance.


Supreme Council of Ajara Autonomous Republic (SCA) decided to institutionalize the implementation of Open Governance Principles and on April 30, 2020 on an ad-hoc session, adopted amendments to the Rules of Procedure, according to which an OGP Council – a permanent body shall be established at SCA. This Council will enhance the implementation of OGP principles in SCA and empower legislative body of Ajara through openness and transparency. OGP Council will better inform society regarding legislative work, which in turn will improve the accountability of the SCA and increase civic engagement in its activities.


UNDP and IDFI express readiness to support the Supreme Council of Ajara within the project – Promoting Open Governance Principles at the Parliament of Georgia and Supreme Council of Ajara (SCA). This project is a part of a broader initiative of the EU and UNDP project “Consolidating Parliamentary Democracy in Georgia”.

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