Georgian NGOs Condemn Government Organized Violence Against the Citizens

Statements 13 June 2024

For several weeks now, physical attacks on government opponents and activists have not stopped, which is orchestrated by the "Georgian Dream" party. The government can no longer control the Georgian people through propaganda and, angry with the people, resorts to physical violence against them.


For the second month now, high-ranking officials have been inciting violence with public statements, while subordinate informal groups threaten, intimidate, vandalize offices and homes, and commit violence against our citizens. It is obvious that no one is investigating these actions; law enforcement agencies have lost their constitutional function and have become instruments of political repression in the hands of the government.


Just recently, we witnessed another such incident: the Speaker of Parliament, Shalva Papuashvili, specifically mentioned Zuka Beridzenishvili in his statement, and within an hour, the activist was physically attacked.


We condemn all acts of violence that the government commits against the Georgian people. We are documenting them, and we are confident that the time is not far off when a fair investigation will be conducted into these facts and the organizers and executors of the violence will be punished.


The government itself is the organizer of the violence. The oligarchic regime can no longer find a common language with the citizens and is trying to hide its own weakness through violence.


We express solidarity with every citizen of Georgia who is being attacked by the government, and thank them for their courageous civic position.


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