Statistical Information Received from the Prosecutor’s Office on the Number of Red Notices Circulated by the INTERPOL as well as on Extraditing Wanted Nationals of Georgia (2010-15)

News | Good Governance | Publications | Article 15 April 2015

On March 26th, 2015 IDFI referred to the Prosecutor's Office and requested statistical information for the years of 2010-2015 on the number of motions filed by the Prosecutors Office to the General Assembly of INTERPOL with the request of circulating red notice and number of these motions granted. IDFI also requested statistical data on the number of motions filed to the law enforcement agencies of foreign countries on extraditing wanted nationals of Georgia and the ratio of granted and denied motions.


Information received from the Prosecutors Office shows that during the years of 2010-2015 Georgia has referred to INTERPOL General Assembly with the request of circulating red notice in 131 cases. 121 of these applications were granted. Out of 28 requests sent to INTERPOL in 2011, only 8 were denied, whereas in 2014 2 motions out of 15 were not granted. One of these is still under consideration. In the case of other years all motions filed by the Proseutor’s Office were granted.



As for the requests filed by the Prosecutor’s Office to the foreign law enforcement agencies on extraditing wanted nationals of Georgia, the information received emphasizes that during the period of 2010-2015 the highest number of motions were filed in 2010 (59) – 34 of these were granted (57.6%). The ratio of motions granted by the foreign law enforcement agencies was gradually decreasing year by year starting from 2012. In 2012 the figure equaled to 70.3%, in 2013 to 53.1%, in 2014 – 16.2%, as for 2015 the number equaled to 9.1%. The Prosecutor’s Office highlighted that the number of motions not granted are still under consideration, others have been denied for certain period of time until circumstances hindering prosecution are eradicated.




It should also be highlighted that, beginning from 2014 considerable amount of finances is being spent by the Prosecutor’s Office on receiving consultancy services and or advises from international experts. Nevertheless the above mentioned figures clarifies that there is lack of success in regards with communicating with foreign law enforcement agencies.


IDFI has also requested copies of agreements signed for providing consultancy services from the Prosecutor’s Office. The Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia has not disclosed the abovementioned documentation but nevertheless informed the Institute that in 2013 no such expenses were made by the administrative body. In contrast in 2014 (January-November) these expenses equaled to 354 489 Gel. Regardless of the fact that the Prosecutor’s Office refrained from disclosing detailed data on the expenses allocated to consultancy services, IDFI finds that these costs ware most likely linked with the activities of International Group of Advisors, which as it is highlighted in the responses of the Prosecutor’s office itself, receives 35 000 USD Dollar financing from the state budget.

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