News | Statements 27 January 2014


The civil society of Georgia is deeply concerned about the tragic events going on in Ukraine. We express our sincere condolences over those killed during the latest events.

For the past two months, the Ukrainian government has been neglecting people's legitimate and peaceful demands. Moreover, the government adopted the draconian laws restricting civil rights of citizens thus provoking protesters and contributing to escalating mass tension.

Each nation has the right to determine its future, global orientation and the way of development, while the government, personifying its will is tasked to put the national aspirations into practice. The Ukrainian government, which came into power with the promises to accelerate the process of European integration refused to sign the Association Agreement with EU prior to Vilnius summit, by bringing the arguments being not enough convincing for Ukrainian people, thus putting the future of the country under risk.

The situation has become especially tense in the last days, which resulted in physical confrontation between the part of protesters and law-enforcement bodies, and caused casualties among participants of the manifestation. People started to disappear in suspicious situations, the facts of violence committed by certain civil persons mobilized by the government towards peaceful citizens (including journalists) have increased. The government's attempt to suppress the people's legitimate manifestation by violent and inhuman methods is obvious.   

The confrontation, which has already sacrificed lives of several people, puts the country's stability, democratic values and fundamental human rights under threat. In the situation like this, the government is obliged to make all efforts possible to bring the process to peaceful, constitutional framework, protect human security, and the freedom of assembly and expression.  

By voicing our deep concern regarding the situation in Ukraine, we register our strong protest towards the Ukrainian government on infringing upon democratic values and mass violation of human rights in the country. We hold on hope that the international community will consolidate to direct its joint efforts to stop violence in Ukraine, and facilitate the peaceful and democratic developments in the country by taking the aspirations of the Ukrainian people into consideration.

We call on Ukrainian government to demonstrate the good will and launch negotiations with the authorized representatives of the opposition and civil society in order to reach a fair agreement that will ensure putting the political confrontation under democratic framework and introduce the spirit of respect towards the will and aspirations of Ukrainian people.

We declare solidarity with the Ukrainian opposition and civil society in their legitimate demands and call on them to stand strong and not compromise in their peaceful fight.       

We call on EU institutions - Council, Parliament and Commission - to use all possible leverage and convince the Ukrainian government of the necessity to abstain from using force against protesters and launch constructive negotiations with opposistion.   

We call on Georgian government to assess timely the laws adopted by Ukrainian Rada and urge the high Ukrainian authorities to protect and respect the himan dignity and free choice, and show the political will to resolve the crisis in fair and peaceful manner.

Signatory organizations:

1. European Initiative - Liberal Academy Tbilisi
2. Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies
3. Open Society Georgia Foundation
4. International Business and Economic Development Centre
5. International Center of Geopolitical research
6. Georgian Civil Development Association
7. Center of Development and Democracy
8. Student Youth Council
9. World Experience for Georgia
10. Association DEA for Disabled Women and Mothers of Disabled Children
11. Association "Green Alternative"
12. Caucasus Environmental NGO network (CENN)
13. Georgia Press Association
14. Foundation ”Multi- Ethnic Resource Centre on Civic Education Development”
15. Youth Alternative
16. Transparency International Georgia
17. Caucasus Institute for Economic and Social Research
18. Caucasus Institute for Peace, Democracy and Development
19. Human Rights Centre
20. Europe House Georgia
21. Economic Policy Research Center
22. The Greens Movement of Georgia/Friends of the Earth-Georgia
23. International Association "Civitas Georgica"
24. International Center on Conflict and Negotiation
25. Women's Initiatives Supporting Group
26. International Center for Advancement of Research, Technology & Innovation
27. Public Movement "Multinational Georgia"
28. Local Democracy Agency
29. Institute for the study of nationalism and conflict
30. Association for Bio-Farming "Elkana"
31. Energy Efficiency Centre Georgia
32. International Center for Civic Culture
33. Public Advocacy
34. Association European Studies for the Innovative Development of Georgia
35. Eurasia Partnership Foundation
36. Institute for Development of Freedom of Information
37. Partnership For Road Safety
38. International Organization of Human Rights protection and Prisoners social welfare
39. Peaceful and Business Caucasus
40. Association "Toleranti"
41. "School-Family-Society" Association
42. Association of Young Professionals in Energy of Georgia
43. Georgian Association of Regional Broadcasters
44. Association "Atinati"
45. IDP Association "Consent"
46. International Press Institute - Georgian national committee
47. Caucasian House - Georgia
48. Georgian Young Lawyers' Association
49. Georgian Association “Women in Business”
50. Centre for Cultural Relations - Caucasian House
51. Institute for Policy Studies
52. Save The Future Generation
53. Repatriates' Union
54. Foundation “Caucasus Environment”
55. Coalition for Independent Living
56. Media Development Foundation
57. Centre of Strategic Research and Development of Georgia
58. Article 42 of the Constitution
59. Association for Farmers Rights Defense
60. Association "MERKURI"
61. Fund of Women Entrepreneurs
62. Cultural-Humanitarian Fund "Sukhumi”
63. Civic Development Institute

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