Round Table on Topic Digital Switchover

News 11 August 2014



Institute for Development Freedom of Information (IDFI) held a round table on topic “Migration of the local broadcasters to the digital broadcasting platform – Challenges and issues connected to the process”; the round table was organized in frames of the project “Supporting and Monitoring of the Transition to Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting in Georgia”, on August 7th, 2014, at “Frontline Club”. 

During the event the representatives of regional broadcasters, Georgian National Communication Commission (GNCC) as well as companies providing technical equipments necessary for digital broadcasting, discussed the problematic issues connected to the digital switchover process.

Through the first part of the event chairman of GNCC, Vakhtang Abashidze presented to the regional broadcasters alternative plan of allocation of frequencies on VHF band instead of broadcasting on UHF band. The presentation included the frequency allocation plan, which covered the list of frequencies, distinguished for the towns and populated regions of Georgia, information concerning coordinates of areal antennas, approximate area of their coverage, the capacities as well as emanation types of the signal broadcasted. The up mentioned plan was drafted by the GNCC, based on the reference of IDFI and “Association of Georgian Regional Broadcasters”.

The regional broadcasters stated their views concerning the presentation made by GNCC, additionally, discussed the advantages and disadvantages of VHF and UHF. Due to the lockage of the frequency resource, regional broadcasters were proposed the alternative of getting united in the process of digital switchover, in order to build joint broadcasting network.
The presentation of the commission concerned to the issues connected to constructing MUX platforms as well as problems of non converging areas by regional broadcasters.

The described process is quite important for regional broadcasters as they strive to be eligible to broadcast independently, that can be maintained by low-power MUX and transmitters.

In terms of the second part of the round table the representatives of the companies, supplying technical equipments for digital broadcasting, presented their offers to the broadcasters. Representatives of several international companies as well as their national providers made public presentations.

Through the presentations the broadcasters were given general as well as specific information concerning technical solutions, technical specifications and approximate tariffs.

Among the integrators presenting their proposals, were: Mze, Gatesair, Harris, Elber, GIS, Egatel, Syes.



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