Researching the best practice of access to the public information

News 6 December 2012


Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) published the surveys carried out in the framework of the project “Researching the best practice of access to the public information.”

Project was being implemented during March-May 2012 with the support of USAID program “Good Governance in Georgia (G-3)”.
Main objective of the project was improving transparency and the quality of effective governance of following administrative agencies: Ministry of Justice of Georgia, Civil Service Bureau, Competition and Procurement Agency, Chamber of Control through researching the best international practice of public information accessibility, implementing it and later eliminating the problem.

Several objectives have been set to achieve the goal.
Research studied foreign government institutes identical to the Georgian target institute. Countries with the best practice of proactive publications were the focus groups: the USA, the UK/Scotland and Estonia. The research also evaluated the content and form of the information published on the electronic recourses of the public institutions.
Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) also analyzed the demands of information from public institutions as well as the reports submitted by the institutes on December 10. In order to define types of public information which is of social interest IDFI conducted focused discussions with the representatives of NGOs and media. Statistical reports and legal researches were prepared about the freedom of information in Georgia, international legislation and the best practice.
Researches prepared in the framework of the project are available on the web-site of IDFI.

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