Presentation of the report on the needs of digitally vulnerable citizens

News | Research | INTERNET AND INNOVATIONS | Article 24 May 2022

On May 23, 2022, an online event was held as part of "DRIVE: Digital Research and Impact for Vulnerable E-citizens", a joint project of the Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) and the e-Governance Academy (eGA). The event was attended by respondents involved in the research process and other stakeholders from both the public sector and civil society organizations.


The first part of the presentation was led by Kristina Mänd and Kristina Reinsalu from the e-Governance Academy. They discussed the general goals and methodology of the project.


The next part of the presentation was led by IDFI's Local Government | Internet and Innovations Directions Head, Teona Turashvili, who briefed the audience on the results of the preliminary research conducted in Georgia. Followed by IDFI’s analyst, David Eristavi, who presented the recommendations elaborate based on the research. During the event, participants were given the opportunity to express their views in terms of individual recommendations as part of a group activity.


The final part of the event was led by a Ukrainian researcher, Ruslana Rudnitska, who presented the results of a similar study on digital challenges in Ukraine. As closing statements, the speakers talked about the next steps and activities envisioned in the scope of the project.


The DRIVE project aims to improve the quality of life for vulnerable groups in Ukraine and Georgia by creating the necessary conditions, raising awareness and developing skills to enable them to digitally engage in political decision-making and access services online. IDFI and eGA organized the event with the support of the global philanthropic organization, Luminate.



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