Premiere and Discussion of the Film - Najgruzińszy

News | Memory and Disinformation Studies | Article 17 June 2024

On June 12, 2024, the premiere and discussion of the film Najgruzińszy/a ("The Most Georgian"), filmed by IDFI's partner organization Mieroszewski Center, was held in Warsaw, Poland. The film aims to help the Polish public learn more about Georgia and see the country and its people differently. One of the film's main goals is to challenge stereotypical thinking that still stems from the Soviet era and to showcase the cultural diversity of Georgia.


The premiere was attended by Georgians living in Poland and Polish and foreign audiences. The Mieroszewski Center plans to distribute the film widely online and through other means.

To participate in the discussion about the film and the challenges facing civil society, especially regarding the developments around the "Russian law," the executive director of IDFI, Giorgi Kldiashvili, was invited to Poland. Other participants in the discussion included Klaudia Kosicińska, a member of the Polish Academy of Sciences and author of anthropological studies about Georgia, and Dr Agnieszka Filipiak, a journalist, editor, expert on South Caucasus issues, and founding member of the association "FemGlobal Women in International Politics".


Giorgi Kldiashvili spoke about the developments in Georgia since March 2024 the draft law initiated by the parliamentary majority, and the problems that civil society organizations will face after the law's implementation. According to him, all this will greatly affect the country's Euro-Atlantic integration and the Georgian people's course towards returning to the European family. He reviewed the protests and drew a parallel with the film, noting that, like the film, the protests involved people of different ages, economic statuses, professions, and views.


Giorgi Kldiashvili also spoke about IDFI's personal experiences, including attacks on the organization, vandalism of the office, and physical attacks. He noted that the pre-election period will be particularly intense and that it will be necessary not only to mobilize the citizens of Georgia but also to have strong support and assistance from the West during this process.


The discussion participants and the attending public expressed important opinions about the current events. According to them, Georgia deserves to be a member of the European family, and they hope that the country will develop properly in this direction.


In addition to the film premiere, Giorgi Kldiashvili and the head of the IDFI’s Memory and Disinformation direction, Anton Vatcharadze, held meetings with the leadership of Mieroszewski Center and Zbigniew Gluza, the founder of one of the oldest Polish civil organizations, Fundacja Ośrodka KARTA, on June 12 and 13. During the meetings, they discussed possible assistance in the difficult situation.


IDFI, together with the above-mentioned organizations, implements scientific and educational projects and continues active cooperation in terms of memory policy and understanding of the past.



The visit was organized with the financial support of the Juliusz Mieroszewski Centre for Dialogue (Centrum Dialogu im. Juliusza Mieroszewskiego), Poland, and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida).


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