On 16 April 2010 has officially been launched the 2010 United Nations e-Government Survey: Leveraging e-government at a time of financial and economic crisis

News 20 May 2010


United Nations' E-Government Survey "Leveraging e-government at a time of financial and economic crisis" was completed in December 2009 and published in early 2010. The report presented various roles for e-government in addressing the ongoing world financial and economic crisis. By the report rankings top 3 countries in E–Government Development Index are: 1. Republic of Korea, 2. USA, 3. Canada. From the post-soviet states Estonia has got the 20th position in global rankings. By the E–Participation Index first three countries are: 1. Republic of Korea, 2. Australia, 3. Spain. In this ranking 3 post soviet states take their positions in top 20 countries (Estonia 9th, Kazakhstan 18th, Lithuania 19th). Georgia has got the 100th position in E–Government Development ranking, the worse evaluation from post-soviet states has only 3 countries (Armenia is 110th, Tajikistan 122th, and Turkmenistan 130th in global ranking). By online service index Georgia has 100th position, by telecommunication infrastructure index 115th, by human capital index 52th and by E-participation index 127th position.

Full survey: http://unpan3.un.org/egovkb/en-us/Reports/UN-E-Government-Survey-2010 



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