Open Government Partnership announced the OGP Government Champions Award

News | Publications | Open Government | Article 13 October 2015

Open Government Partnership team has announced the OGP Government Champions Award. The Award is intended to showcase the ideal co-creation dynamic between the government and civil society while elaborating the National Action Plan. In addition, the award is thought to provide a high-level political visibility to the key actors who have played an immense role in upholding the OGP commitments. Thus, the award is designated reward a team that shared responsibility, authority and co-created the Action Plan, successfully managed safeguarding the voice of civil society actors in the National Action Plan development process and embraced the recommendations from civil society regardless political sensitivity of initiatives and difficulty for the government.

It should be noted that anyone can nominate an OGP government team before 4th of October. However, the nominations can only be made by the non-governmental actors which were asked to provide a short summery and a homemade video, showcasing why their nomination should succeed. Three semi-finalists will be selected by the Award selection committee for 9th of October while an award winner will be determined by a public vote on the following website - The voting will be open from October 15th to 27th.

Finally, the winning government will be presented with the Award at the OGP Civil Society Day in Mexico City on October 27th during a Open Government Partnership Global Summit Mexico 2015.

Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) has nominated the Inter-Factional Working Group of the Parliament of Georgia. IDFI believes, Inter-Factional Group, consisting of 11 Members of Parliament from majority and minority factions, has made an active input in the process of elaboration of the Action Plan and putting forward the commitments, which the Parliament is supposed to implement in the years of 2015-2016. The Inter-Factional Working Group has worked hand-in-hand with the civil society organizations and safeguarded the initiatives stemming from the civil sector. Thus, the IDFI has provided OGP with short summery and a video showcasing the work and contribution of the Inter-Factional Group of the Parliament.

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