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News | Publications | Open Government Partnership | Article 14 October 2015

Open Government Partnership has designed and created the OGP Explorer software service that enables the OGP community of civil society, government, academia representatives and journalists to access the wealth of data the OGP has collected.

The OGP Explorer provides two options to look at national commitments: first one displays all 2,000 commitments and the second option shows the commitments and consultation processes that have been assessed by the IRM (Independent Reporting Mechanism).

The service is rich in its data visualization options. The data can be seen in Graph and Table view that makes it easier to evaluate country performance on their OGP commitments, see which commitment is new/old, select a country and then, the sorting method.

Graph View allows users to visualize the IRM assessed data in dynamic and effective ways. For instance, you can make graphs based on completion or relevance; select grand challenges, values or tags; select countries or regions and finally select a sorting method.

There are two types of Table View. First (Process Data) gives users the ability to quickly evaluate country performance on their OGP process. It contains information on Action Plan development, on how government and civil society work together during implementation and on how countries performed on their self-assessment.

The second (Commitment Data) gives access to the full details on the commitments. This view has information on impact, relevance and completion. You can see which commitments are new and which are starred. Finally, each commitment is classified with tags, and assessed on relevance to OGP values and grand challenges. You can view the commitments as a long list, by country, or opt for simply for the country statistics.

OGP explorer can be found on the following link: http://www.opengovpartnership.org/explorer/landing.

According to OGP, this is the 1st phase of the project and they are open for ideas about additional features and changes.

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