Monitoring of e-Transparecy of Georgian Court System

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In October 2011 the Institute for Development of Freedom of Information started a project called “Improving the Accountability and Transparency of the Georgian Courts“ within the frameworks of the “Civic Initiative for an Independent Judiciary” program of the Eurasia Partnership Foundation (EPF).

The main goal of the project was the monitoring of the e-resources of the system of the Georgian courts and increasing the level of transparency and accountability in the activities of the Georgian court system, as well as increasing the availability of existing public information in the court system, through visualization of different statistical data related to the legal sphere.

For the purpose of achieving the goals and objectives of the project one of the ways chosen by the Institute was the monitoring of the e-resources of the system of the Georgian courts.

In the framework of the project, the monitoring of the e-resources of the Georgian court system implied determining the existence of information on the official websites of different organs of the Georgian Judiciary, the quality of the existing information and the state of technical functionality (electronic availability) of the web-pages.  

Within the framework of the project 17 official web-pages of the Georgian courts available in the internet space way chosen for the evaluation of the content of information and the electronic component.
As a result of the monitoring the indicators of the e-transparency and electronic availability of the Georgian Judiciary were determined:

After the completion of monitoring by the Institute each court, the web-pages of which had been monitored, was sent a recommendation. You can see the documents of the monitoring that reflect the statistical data of the study of the web-pages of Georgian courts, revealed problems and relevant recommendations in the attached files.

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