International Conference about Freedom of Information and Open Government Partnership

News | Good Governance | Publications | Article 25 April 2013


On 26-27 April a conference dedicated to the issues of open government partnership and freedom of information will take place in Tbilisi.

The conference was organized by the National Security Archive (George Washington University, US) and IDFI (Institute for Development of Freedom of Information).

The representatives of nongovernmental and human rights organizations from seven countries - United States, Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Georgia - will participate in the conference.   

Experts, lawyers and journalists will discuss the process of implementation of the Open Government Partnership, existing challenges and achievements in their respective countries.

During the meeting, the participants will also discuss issues related to freedom of information legislation and the implementation of electronic governance systems.

One of the main topics of the conference is the repatriation of archival documents and the availability of the materials stored in the United States’ and former Soviet archives.


You can see the agenda of the conference by following the link

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