IDFI Wrote 3 Articles for the Magazine Issued by the International Institute CEVRO

News | Memory and Disinformation Studies | Publications | Article 31 August 2018

Executive Director of the Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI), Giorgi Kldiashvili, Programs Director Levan Avalishvili and Archives and Soviet Studies Direction Head, Anton Vatcharadze participated in the project of the Policy Studies Institute CEVRO. The project foresees publishing journals on the steps taken to establish democracy from authoritarian regimes in different countries. The CEVRO institute was founded in Prague in 1999 as a public policy initiative think-thank and is still carrying out a variety of projects in education. For the last few years the university has accredited undergraduate and master programs for local and international students. The organization is involved in strengthening democracy not only in the Czech Republic but in other countries of the transitional democracy.


The magazine publishing project was originally launched in several countries of the post-Soviet space. The institute has published a separate number of journals in which the experts reviewed the opening of archives, the reorganization of security services, the lustration, the lawmaking aspects, and other similar processes for democratization after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 7-8 articles.


Georgia was involved in the second stage of the project. In order to write articles, CEVRO together with other organizations and private experts have reached out to IDFI. Finally, the two institutions agreed on 3 articles: Anton Vacharadze, "Regime Archives", Giorgi Kldiashvili, "Lustration" and Levan Avalishvili, "Rehabilitation of Political Victims". The articles were edited by the group of international experts and in the subsequent release of CEVRO, three of them will be published. The magazine will be printed and also available in electronic format.


On October 19th 2018, Giorgi Kldiashvili and Anton Vacharadze will participate in a one-day workshop in Prague where among with researchers from other countries, every article will be discussed.


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