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News | Trainings | Media Internet Telecommunications 26 September 2014

IDFI delivered 6 trainings about e-participation during September 15-24, 2014. Approximately 60 students from different faculties (Law, Social and Political Studies, Humanities, Business and Economics, Public Governance, Mass Communication) and universities attended the trainings. 


Training participants gained information about the ways of requesting public information, proactive disclosure of information, methods for monitoring Facebook pages and official websites of Public Institutions, practical usage of open sources. During the training, they had opportunity to put theoretical knowledge into practice. Group works gave them chance to prepare FOI request, group the components of electronic participation (e-communication, e-consultation, e-decision-making) on the official websites of public institutions, and individually work on their potential essay topics and plans in the framework of the project. It is worthy, that participants will be involved in the project until its completion. In particular, they will have possibility to use their skills in practice, monitor Facebook pages and websites of public institutions by themselves, request public information, observe government activities and write blog-post based on their monitoring results.


At the end of the training trainers made trainees familiar to the project activity calendar, detailed description on the forms of communication during the upcoming three months. In order to improve practical skills and get additional information, IDFI analysts will give individual and group consultations throughout the project. The participants of the trainings were provided with Guidebook for E-participation, covering the above-mentioned issues and giving anyone major directions to assess governmental e-services and the level of e-governance in Georgia.

Training about e-participation aimed to develop critical thinking in youth and increase their awareness about contemporary mechanisms how to hold government accountable. After the training, participants will take part in essay competition. The best ten articles will be published on IDFI website and three winners will be awarded with special prize, Kindle.

Trainings were conducted in the framework of the project “Enhancing E-Skills of Controlling Government among Young People”, financially supported by the U.S. Embassy in Georgia.


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