IDFI supports the suggestion of the Georgian CSOs

News | Statements 11 October 2012

To the Parliament of Georgia

We, the representatives of civil organizations and unions, would like to adress with the propositon to nominate and elect Tamar Gurchiani on the position of Public Defender of Georgia. Tamar Gurchiani is a highly qualified legal professional, experienced in workon on human rights issues. Namely, for many many she participated in local, regional and international projects in the fields of media freedom, government transparancy and accountability and free elections. In addition to professional experience, as we see it, Tamar Gurchiani is characterised with personal qualities required for Public Defender: fairness, integrity, civic courage and responsibility. She is distinguished by cooperation, collegiality and consensus-building skills. We are certain, that Tamar Gurchiani, as a Public Defender, will be productive, as she is well aware of social, cultural, economic, social and political problems and is sensitve to all social groups in the Country.

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