IDFI submitted repeatedly an official request of public information to eleven Ministries

News 27 January 2011

 IDFI submitted repeatedly an official request of public information to eleven Ministries:

1.Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia
2.Ministry of Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories
3.Ministry of Education and science 
4.Ministry of Corrections and Legal Assistance 
5.Ministry of Energy
6.Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection 
7.Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Protection
8.Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure
9.Ministry of Environment Protection and Natural Resources 
10.Ministry of Finance 
11.Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development

IDFI requested from above listed Ministries Public Information the Request on which the Ministries had left unanswered. IDFI inquired also the public Information pertaining reserve funds:


1. The list of employees of Ministry (according to their Posts), their salaries/wages (apart) paid from the Government Budget during 2009-2010 years (monthly).

2. Information about Bonuses paid to the Minister, Deputy Minister and to the Heads of structural subdivisions from the Government Budget during 2009-2010 years (quarterly).

3.Expenses incurred by the official trips of Minister, Deputy Minister and of Heads of structural subdivisions, both domestic and international during the 2009 calendar year (apart).

4. Information pertaining costs for auto purchases and maintenance expenses during 2009-2010 years: personally allotment of auto vehicles on the government officials according to their positions, also model of auto vehicles and monthly limit of fuel (type of fuel as well). Costs for auto maintenance (reparation, wear) for each Government Official paid from the Government Budget.

5. Information pertaining communication costs (conversations over fixed network and mobile phone) of Minister and employees of the Ministry (apart) paid from the Government Budget during the 2009-2010 years.

6. Costs for purchases of vehicles and mobile phones paid from the budget during the 2009-2010 years.

7. 2009-2010 budget of Ministry and Changes in the budget with quarterly and monthly breakdown.

8. The list of Projects and Programs carried out within the competence of Ministry (in all spheres)during the 2010 calendar year.

9. The list and Value of real estate properties on the balance sheet of Ministry.

10. The complete list of cultural and advertising events carried out by the Ministry.

11. Amounts transferred from reserve funds of Government of Georgia to the Ministry during 2009-2010 years.


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