IDFI’s Comment on the TV Coverage Prepared by the Television Channel 9

News | Statements 28 February 2013


On February 25th the TV company Channel 9 spread the coverage titled “Monthly Bonuses”, in which the following was mentioned: “Non-governmental organization “Institute for Development of Freedom of Information” spreads scandalous information. Gaga Mkurnaladze, David Chakua, Giorgi Avsanjishvili – this is incomplete list of the persons, who received double or quadruple salary bonuses by the end of the month. The amount was paid according to the personal decision of the ex-Minister Kalmakhelidze.” The coverage itself had the following headline: “The persons accused of torture received bonuses of about 5 thousand GEL each month”.
We would like to note once again, that the Institute received and published information only about the former head of the Penitentiary Department David Chakua. As for the other persons listed in the TV coverage of the Channel 9, the Penitentiary Department did not provide information about them, concerning which we have prepared an article: “Bonuses of the People Suspected in Torture”. Information about it has been explained both by the chairman of IDFI and the official representative of the Penitentiary Department in the interviews given to Channel 9. Unfortunately the explanation of IDFI was not fully reflected in the coverage prepared by Channel 9. 
Therefore, the information spread by Channel 9 only partially represents the facts and does not reflect the content of the article prepared by the “Institute for Development of Freedom of Information” (IDFI). The Institute (IDFI) urges the Telecompany Channel 9 to comply with professional standards while fulfilling their journalistic obligations and not to mislead their audience. 
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