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News | FIGHTING CORRUPTION | Publications | Article 2 May 2013

The project “Development of e-Participation in Georgia” aims at increasing government’s accountability, establishing modern forms of government-citizen communication and involving citizens in active social and political life.

In the frames of this project IDFI planned the event which aims at increasing the social consciousness about the importance of citizen involvement in public policy. It is very important to ensure that the members of society get more actively involved in decision making process.

Flayer includes information about the current e-participation platforms. More precisely, with the use of the petition page on the web-site of the Tbilisi City Hall and the platform on the web-page of Addition of legislative Gazette and Statute Books of Georgia, citizens are given opportunity to propose their ideas and participate in law-making process.

The web-page of the Ministry of Justice provides a sub-page called “Open Governance Partnership” which welcomes the initiatives from the citizens in order to ensure the government transparency and accountability.

Project is being implemented in the frames of East-West Management Institute program – “Policy, Advocacy and Civil Society in Georgia” (G-PAC)

See the informational flyer

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