Highlights Of Estonian ICT Day At The World Bank And The Future Of E-Government

News | INTERNET AND INNOVATIONS | Publications | Article 14 October 2015

World Bank headquarters recently hosted a conference named, ‘Estonian ICT Day: Digital Solutions for Sustainable Development’.


Renowned guests such as Estonian President Thomas Hendrik Ilves and General Director of Estonia’s Information Agency Taimar Peterkop explained how Estonia managed to deliver stunning performance and established a global model for E-governance. We believe that such a model can be of use in Georgia, where e-governance is being regarded as a promising tool for steady development.

Likewise Estonia, Georgia is a small country and in this context these two countries share similar challenges. In terms of digital governance, Estonia is way ahead of Georgia; therefore, the implementation of approved reforms and mechanisms established in Estonia will most likely bring about similar results in Georgia and also increase the paste of development in this country. At the core of e-governance should be attempts to fight corruption and increased transparency. At the same time digital governance will pave to way for efficient economic policies. A first step in this regard should be the extension of electronic services and the provision of internet especially in the rural regions of Georgia.


Source: Forbes.com

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